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    Referendum Project Progress Report March 2019

    WHAT’S NEW? Subcommittees, consisting of district staff, have been formed and met with the design team earlier this month.  Subcommittees for the Community Elementary School addition and renovation will focus on specific spaces like the library media center / STEM, special education, and core teaching classrooms for grades K-2 and grades 3-5.  For the Edgerton High School addition and renovation, subcommittees will concentrate on science / math, the commons, administration / counseling, and band and choir. Marking a new phase in the project, Bray Architects met with project engineers to begin preparing drawings and specifications for the secure entrances at Yahara Elementary School and Edgerton Middle School. Construction for these projects is scheduled to begin in July (see facility planning timeline below). On March 14, Bray met with the City of Edgerton to discuss the site layout near Community Elementary School and Edgerton High School. District leadership and Bray will continue to meet with the City to review site plans for the main campus. WHAT’S NEXT? Over the next month, Bray Architects will continue to meet with project engineers and develop more detail in their construction documents. The design team aims to complete their bid set for Yahara Elementary School and Edgerton Middle School by the end of April. JP Cullen and Bray will also work to refine the floor plans and budget for each project, while incorporating feedback from the subcommittees into the design.  Updates will be shared on the district website: https://www.edgerton.k12.wi.us
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    Alumni Invited to These Winter and Spring Events in Edgerton Schools

    The cold weather we've been experiencing here in southern Wisconsin certainly makes it feel like spring is far away. Believe it or not, however, it will be here before you know it! Our students are hard at work preparing for a wide variety of concerts, performances and other events in the coming weeks and months. We would like to send a special invitation to our alumni, supporters and community members to check out the following:
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