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    We’re Off to a Wonderful Start!

    The school year is off to a great start as our staff welcomed back approximately 1,900 studentson August 22. We began the school year early in order to end on the Friday prior to MemorialDay. The earlier start will provide additional time next summer to complete the majorrenovations occuring at Community Elementary School (CES) and the High School. CES willreceive a complete renovation of the entire school along with a new addition and gym. Aftercompletion of this project CES will become a Primary School (grades K-2) and an IntermediateSchool (grades 3-5) sharing a cafeteria and library. The high school renovation includesupdated science and mathematics classrooms and a larger commons/cafeteria area forstudents. There will also be an addition constructed at the high school which will includeupdated band/choir classrooms, new administrative offices and new counselling offices.
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    Referendum Project Progress Report April 2019

    WHAT’S NEW? Earlier this month, Bray Architects reviewed renderings, floor plans, and room inventory at Community Elementary School with district leadership. Plans for the addition and renovation of math and science rooms at Edgerton High School were also discussed. Drawings and specifications for the secure entry projects at Yahara Elementary School and Edgerton Middle School are nearly complete. Bray presented updates on plans and city approvals to the Board of Education on April 15. On April 18, Bray led district staff on building tours to completed Bray projects with similar spaces to those being developed at Community Elementary School. A group of K-2nd grade teachers visited Little Prairie Primary School in East Troy, while a group of 3rd-5th grade teachers toured Muskego Lakes Middle School in Muskego (see photos below). By touring these state-of-the-art facilities, staff members have given the Core Planning Team valuable feedback that will be used to establish more detail in the design for the additions and renovations at Community Elementary School.          WHAT’S NEXT? The Core Planning Team will continue to collaborate with project engineers to develop construction documents for Edgerton High School and Community Elementary School. Construction documents for the secure entrances at Yahara Elementary School and Edgerton Middle School will be issued for bid at the end of April. Prospective contractors will have until May 15 to submit their bids. Updates will be shared on the district website: www.edgerton.k12.wi.us
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