Facilities Timeline and District Highlights

Dear Edgerton Community Members:

There is so much to be proud of in the Edgerton School District. Our schools perform at levels that surpass the State average, academic and co-curricular opportunities for students expand each year, and the success our students demonstrate both academically as well as in co-curricular activities is remarkable.

Students have experienced a steady increase in course offerings and opportunities at all levels. It’s common for seniors to graduate with college credit and industry certifications. Students at all levels engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities that encourage problem solving, collaboration, and creativity. We enjoy a growing number of local partnerships which provide students career exploration and work experience opportunities.

Co-curricular offerings provide something for everyone with options ranging from aquaponics to robotics, art league to Spanish club, forensics to chamber singers. Our athletic program boasts a wide-range of opportunities from football and basketball to soccer and swim, just to name a few.

A team of highly qualified staff are committed to providing students a comprehensive education that meets our mission to ensure that all students have the foundational skills necessary to succeed in the path they choose beyond high school.

Annually, we establish measurable goals that align with our Strategic Plan. We review our progress regularly and adjust our actions when necessary. We collect feedback from staff, parents, students, and the community. This feedback drives our work to provide exceptional service to our stakeholders.

In December 2016, the School Board authorized a comprehensive study of all District schools. At the culmination of the study, which was achieved with key industry experts, the School Board authorized the creation of a Facility Advisory Committee (FAC).  The FAC, made up of parents, staff and community members, was charged with identifying and confirming needs as well as exploring potential solutions to our District’s PreK-12 facility needs. The committee of 35 members has met eleven times between September and March and is now ready to survey our community.

Next week all residents will be receiving a survey regarding the long-range planning for our schools. I strongly encourage all residents to complete the survey and provide input into the future of our District.  Successful community engagement allows everyone to be involved in the planning process, educating people on the needs and collecting data on the community’s values and priorities to guide our decision making.  The FAC will use the survey results to determine next steps in the process. The results of the survey will guide us in developing a project that fits within the tax tolerance and priorities of the community. 

I am proud to be the Superintendent of the Edgerton School District. We have an outstanding staff, hardworking and kind students, and the support of our community is second to none. Edgerton is a wonderful community to live, work, and raise a family. The Edgerton School District is exceptional because of our people and community. To learn more about our District and stay informed of school events, check-out our website and join the Tider Nation of followers.

Click to view our district highlights and facility timeline.

Dr. Dennis Pauli

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