We’re Off to a Wonderful Start!

The school year is off to a great start as our staff welcomed back approximately 1,900 students
on August 22. We began the school year early in order to end on the Friday prior to Memorial
Day. The earlier start will provide additional time next summer to complete the major
renovations occuring at Community Elementary School (CES) and the High School. CES will
receive a complete renovation of the entire school along with a new addition and gym. After
completion of this project CES will become a Primary School (grades K-2) and an Intermediate
School (grades 3-5) sharing a cafeteria and library. The high school renovation includes
updated science and mathematics classrooms and a larger commons/cafeteria area for
students. There will also be an addition constructed at the high school which will include
updated band/choir classrooms, new administrative offices and new counselling offices.

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Referendum Project Progress Report April 2019


Earlier this month, Bray Architects reviewed renderings, floor plans, and room inventory at Community Elementary School with district leadership. Plans for the addition and renovation of math and science rooms at Edgerton High School were also discussed.

Drawings and specifications for the secure entry projects at Yahara Elementary School and Edgerton Middle School are nearly complete. Bray presented updates on plans and city approvals to the Board of Education on April 15.

On April 18, Bray led district staff on building tours to completed Bray projects with similar spaces to those being developed at Community Elementary School. A group of K-2nd grade teachers visited Little Prairie Primary School in East Troy, while a group of 3rd-5th grade teachers toured Muskego Lakes Middle School in Muskego (see photos below). By touring these state-of-the-art facilities, staff members have given the Core Planning Team valuable feedback that will be used to establish more detail in the design for the additions and renovations at Community Elementary School.



The Core Planning Team will continue to collaborate with project engineers to develop construction documents for Edgerton High School and Community Elementary School. Construction documents for the secure entrances at Yahara Elementary School and Edgerton Middle School will be issued for bid at the end of April. Prospective contractors will have until May 15 to submit their bids.

Updates will be shared on the district website: www.edgerton.k12.wi.us

Some Helpful Tips for Reconnecting with Old Friends

Nowadays, people have access to more tools for connecting and communicating than ever before. However, that does not make it any easier to break the ice with a friend you haven’t spoken to in years—or even decades.

It’s quite common to feel nervous or even stressed out at the thought of getting in touch with an old friend, but reaching out to someone who you haven’t spoken to in a long time gives you the opportunity to rekindle a friendship you’ve been missing.

How to reach out

There's no magic formula that will guarantee your success when you attempt to make contact with an old friend, but there are several steps you can take to make the process as easy as possible.

  • Set your anxiety aside: If you feel nervous about contacting an old friend, you’re not alone. Even best friends can drift apart with time. The important thing is that you want to reconnect. Your friend might be just as anxious as you are about reaching out to you, so don’t let nerves get the better of you.
  • Send a brief message: There’s no need to write a novel chronicling everything that has happened since you last spoke with your friend. Keep your message short, sweet and to the point. Start off with something like, “I know it’s been a while since we spoke, but I’d love to catch up." You might include a simple question to get a conversation started.
  • Ease into an in-person meeting: It’s exciting to finally get in touch with an old friend, but you shouldn't jump straight into an in-person meeting. Continue corresponding online, via text or over the phone until you both feel comfortable enough to get together.
  • Consider the circumstances: It’s important to think about what your friend has experienced since you last spoke and how they might feel about you reaching out. If you and your friend had a falling out that caused you to lose touch, an apology or reconciliation could be in order. If you don’t address pain or hurt from the past, your friend may be skeptical of your motives.
  • Keep your expectations in check: Even with all your best efforts and intentions, you might never hear back from your old friend. The reality is that not everybody is open to rekindling friendships with those they have lost touch with. Don’t get discouraged by a missed connection and try to understand why your friend might be uninterested in reconnecting.

Communicating with old friends isn’t always easy, but it can be well worth the effort. Putting yourself out there can lead to the revival of meaningful friendships you have lost over the years.

Referendum Project Progress Report March 2019


Subcommittees, consisting of district staff, have been formed and met with the design team earlier this month.  Subcommittees for the Community Elementary School addition and renovation will focus on specific spaces like the library media center / STEM, special education, and core teaching classrooms for grades K-2 and grades 3-5.  For the Edgerton High School addition and renovation, subcommittees will concentrate on science / math, the commons, administration / counseling, and band and choir.

Marking a new phase in the project, Bray Architects met with project engineers to begin preparing drawings and specifications for the secure entrances at Yahara Elementary School and Edgerton Middle School. Construction for these projects is scheduled to begin in July (see facility planning timeline below).

On March 14, Bray met with the City of Edgerton to discuss the site layout near Community Elementary School and Edgerton High School. District leadership and Bray will continue to meet with the City to review site plans for the main campus.

Referendum Build Timeline

Over the next month, Bray Architects will continue to meet with project engineers and develop more detail in their construction documents. The design team aims to complete their bid set for Yahara Elementary School and Edgerton Middle School by the end of April. JP Cullen and Bray will also work to refine the floor plans and budget for each project, while incorporating feedback from the subcommittees into the design.  Updates will be shared on the district website: https://www.edgerton.k12.wi.us

Alumni Invited to These Winter and Spring Events in Edgerton Schools

The cold weather we've been experiencing here in southern Wisconsin certainly makes it feel like spring is far away. Believe it or not, however, it will be here before you know it!

Our students are hard at work preparing for a wide variety of concerts, performances and other events in the coming weeks and months. We would like to send a special invitation to our alumni, supporters and community members to check out the following:

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Alumni Invited to These Edgerton Events

As we move closer to the holiday season here in the Edgerton School District, our students are hard at work preparing for performances, season opening basketball games and various other events happening throughout our schools and community.

This year, we would like to extend a special invitation to Tider Nation—including our alumni, supporters and community members—to take part and attend some or all of these events this year. See all that's in store:

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Community Comes Together to Examine, Address School District's Needs

On November 6, voters in the Edgerton School District approved two referendum questions by a wide margin.

The first question, which passed with 70 percent approval, asked voters to approve a capital referendum in the amount of $40.6 million. As a result, the district will be able to move forward on the following:

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Community Facility & Operations Survey Results

Community Facility & Operations Survey Results


For the past eighteen months the District has been conducting a comprehensive facility and operations study.  During the study, 

district-wide needs were identified and potential solutions of our facilities and operations were reviewed.  The process included partnering with the WASB (Wisconsin Association of School Boards), JP Cullen, Bray Architects, PMA Financial, Forecast 5, and Skyward.  Each partner brought expertise in specific areas of our study.

In September, the School Board approved organizing an FAC (Facility Advisory Committee) to work with our partners to review facility and operational needs and examine potential solutions.  The committee, which met 17 times, consisted of 35 parents, staff and community members.

In April the District sent a survey to all residents regarding the facility and operational needs.  Highlights of the survey responses include:

  • 1,096 (19%) residents completed the survey
  • 81% of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the Edgerton School District
  • 68% of respondents recommend the School Board pursue a referendum to address facility needs
  • 53% of respondents support a referendum to address operational needs
  • 58% of respondents support a referendum up to $45 million

With over 1,000 responses, the FAC was provided excellent data from our taxpayers to develop their recommendation which was presented to the School Board on June 25. The recommendation addresses the highest priorities that fall within the tax tolerance of the school district residents.  The $40.6 million solution includes:

  • Expand and renovate Community Elementary School
  • Address Safety & Security upgrades at all schools
  • Repairs to district-wide infrastructure
  • Renovate High School science labs
  • Renovate High School Commons and Office

The FAC also recommended the School Board consider an operations referendum to support the new facility improvements, attract and retain a highly effective staff, and expand opportunities for students. During the next six weeks the School Board will evaluate the survey results and FAC recommendation to determine the need for a potential November 2018 referendum. 

Residents can review the full community survey report along with other facility and operations information by visiting the District website.  Residents are also encouraged to contact me if you have any questions or would like additional information.

It is a privilege to serve as the Edgerton School District Superintendent.

Dr. Dennis Pauli


What's Happening in Edgerton Schools?

As we approach summer here in the Edgerton School District, we have much to share with our alumni, supporters and community members. It has been another busy school year, with students, staff and families working hard to make Edgerton such a special place.

With that in mind, we have a few pieces of news to share with you:

Kohl Foundation Recognizes 2 Edgerton High School Students

Two Edgerton students have received awards from the Herb Kohl Foundation.

Senior Sally Lemke received a 2018 Student Excellence Scholarship, a $10,000 scholarship that goes to 100 Wisconsin high school seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence and a high motivation to achieve. The award emphasizes citizenship, leadership and community involvement, along with academic achievement.

Receiving the Kohl Foundation Student Initiative Scholarship was Grace Farrington. The award recognizes those who demonstrate considerable effort to achieve academic excellence, often while overcoming challenges or adversity. Teachers and school administrators can nominate students for the award.

Congratulations to these two impressive Edgerton students!

Students Take Part in Memory Project

Several Edgerton High School art students recently participated in the Memory Project, creating portraits for children who have suffered from neglect, war, extreme poverty and abuse around the world. Students drew portraits of children in Syrian refugee camps.

It was an emotional and truly eye-opening experience for our students, and one that helps them see things from a global perspective. Check out this video to see more. (You might want to grab a tissue first!)

Edgerton School Board Welcomes New Member

The Edgerton School Board has a new member after the April 3 election. Tim Shaw, who was a write-in candidate, earned a spot on the board. He will replace outgoing member Jordan Wileman, who did not seek re-election. Shaw has children attending Edgerton schools and has served as a youth sports coach and referee.

Also winning another term on the board were incumbents Steven Doll, Kelly Kwiatkowski and Derek Ninmer. The district would like to welcome Mr. Shaw to the board, and we thank Mr. Wileman for his service to our schools and community.  

Upcoming Events

Saturday May 12th - FFA Plant Sale

Monday, May 14th @ 7:00pm - FFA Banquet

Wednesday, May 16th @ 7:00pm - High School Senior Awards

Saturday, May 19th - FFA Plant Sale

Wednesday,  May 23rd @ 7:30pm - High School Spring Choir Concert

Monday, May 28th @9:45 am- Noon - Memorial Day Community Program & Concert 

Why Should You Attend Your Class Reunion?

It’s been the subject of countless TV sitcoms: an upcoming class reunion and all of the negatives that come with it. Characters are either scrambling to embarrass an old rival, doing their best to woo an old crush or looking for reasons to skip the event entirely.

We laugh at the episode’s antics and situations—and scoff at the ending when it all turns out okay. But are class reunions really so bad?

In reality, reunions are great opportunities to reconnect with the people who were important to you in your past. You get to see old friends and catch up on what everyone has been doing over the past few years. All told, there are far more reasons to attend your class reunion than there are to skip it.

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